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Body N Voice Studios began in 2007 and has grown tremendously since then. Students range from children to adults, from foreigners to Japanese, from professionals to amateurs. Whatever your background, whatever your reasons for taking vocal lessons, Body N Voice welcomes you!

Students are instructed in two techniques of singing, while learning muscle development. Everyone is encouraged to record his or her lessons. This becomes a great tool in practicing as well as a clear record of how the voice has grown with each lesson.


There are two techniques that are taught during the lesson. First, is to strengthen the passaggio. This is where the voice begins to crack, the place where the voice begins to encounter difficulty. Learning to strengthen this muscle will connect the flow in the voice, while extending the range high and low. Second, is learning to use the body to power and support the voice. This will bring a true, focused and supported sound. If done correctly, the body will be tired, leaving a clear and relaxed voice.

Technique is important as it makes any singer better. Learning not one but two (techniques) doesn’t sound bad to me. With these two valuable techniques, you will see improvement in both your range and your confidence. You will be impressed with what you can achieve! It’s important that the connection between a student and teacher is a comfortable one. Here at Body N Voice students are encouraged to come as they are - in learning to sing, you will develop your own personal style.           

Music is a part of us all. When we touch it, or it touches us……. we feel warm, happy, and complete.

Stop by and have a trial lesson at Body N Voice and then you too can see what everyone’s talking about.


About Christopher S. Levens

Christopher Levens is a singer, entertainer, arranger/writer, teacher and friend. Growing up in a musical family, Chris began singing at the tender age of four years old. Listening to his heart, he followed on with a career in music, attending Shenandoah University Conservatory of Music in Winchester, VA (U.S.A).

This is where he trained and harnessed his craft, molded and polished by his voice teacher, Jackson Sheats.

After graduating with a B.M.E. (Bachelor in Music Education) in Voice with a minor in piano, Chris longed for a chance on the big stage so he moved to New York City. There, his dream would come true and he became an AEA (Actor’s Equity Association) Broadway singer, studying voice with Therman Bailey of NYC.

Currently living in Tokyo, Japan, Chris is doing what he loves: teaching private voice lessons, doing music workshops and intensives and still making time to perform in musicals, weddings and live shows.

After realizing the need for vocal instruction and voice coaching in Tokyo, Chris began Body N Voice Studio, which has been an ongoing success.


Music Samples

Christopher is a well-seasoned singer, with the ability to perform many styles and genres of music. Click on the link below to hear Christopher's musical tracks and sets.

Christopher's SoundCloud page


Body N Voice now has its own YouTube page. Take a look at some of the events and performances from the studio's students.

Body N Voice Studio's YouTube page